Best Arm & Ankle Weighted Sleeves 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you know what is the most popular piece of weighted clothing currently?

It’s weighted arm sleeves. You can also wear these on your ankle too. Yes, these are multipurpose ?

Before diving into the best-weighted sleeves, let’s see why do should you buy one in the first place. For starters these help in increasing your arm strength.


There are multiple reasons why should buy a sleeve weights for yourself -

1 . You can use them to increase arm strength

2. You can also use them to increase arm speed for sports like Baseball, Boxing, and Cricket

3. Using these you can increase Your Weight Lifting Resistance

4. These also helps in preventing injuries (to shoulders and elbows)

So clearly there are quite a lot of benefits of wearing weighted arm sleeves. 

Now, let's see few of the best weighted sleeves you can buy for yourself - 

NameAdjustabilityMaximum WeightPrice
Zensufu Wrist or Ankle Weights
Yes5 pounds Check Price
Reehut Durable Ankle/Wrist WeightsYes5 pounds Check Price
Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps  Yes0 pounds Check Price
Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle WeightsYes5 pounds Check Price
SPRI Arm WeightsYes1.5 pounds Check Price
VIVE Ankle WeightsYes2.5 pounds Check Price
Empower Ankle Weights Yes8 pounds (4 pounds each) Check Price


1. Zensufu Wrist or Ankle Weights  

Zensufu Wrist Weights (sold as a pair) can be a great addition to your workout. You can get these in 4 different weights - 1 pound, 2 pound, 3 pound and 5 pound. The weights are perfect for exercise, fitness, walking, jogging, gymnastics, aerobics.

You only get a specific color (if you care) depending on the weight you are buying. For example the 1 pound Zensufu Wrist weights comes only in purple colour.

The material of the weights seemed quite soft and durable. I don’t see anyone buying these often, at least not for a year or two. Don’t worry about the fitting of these weights as these are adjustable weighted sleeves.

Note: With adjustable, I only mean you can adjust the fitting using the strap. Unfortunately you can't adjust the weights. Many weighted sleeves allow that but not this one. 

Many people use weighted sleeves for physical therapy. You can check these pair of weighted sleeves on Amazon here

Final Verdict 

Also, did I forget to tell you, it comes with a carrying bag too. Yes, it's nothing very fancy but it's a great addition. All in all it’s great for beginners. 

2. Reehut Durable Ankle/Wrist Weights

These pair of ankle weights sell like hotcakes (Best seller among all the weighted sleeves on Amazon).

These come with 6 different weight options - 1 pounds, 2 pounds, 3 pounds, 4 pounds, 6 pounds, 8 pounds & 10 pounds (in pair). You can choose these weighted sleeves in over 6 colours (if it’s a thing for you).

The material used is  mercerised cotton which is quite durable. This will also help in easily absorbing sweat. These also come with a strap for the best fit. You can easily put on and take off these weighted sleeves.

You can use these Reehut Weighted sleeves to strengthen your legs, burn calories and fat, tone your lower-body muscles.

But same as Zensufu Weighted sleeves you cannot adjust weights.

Final Verdict 

Overall these are a great pair of ankle weights. You also get a 1 year warranty which is quite hard to find on other ankle weights.

As I advised you earlier, do consult your trainer before buying these. Also, try to incorporate these weights gradually in your workouts.

These are best sellers for a reason.

3. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps 

Nordic is a great brand in the fitness space and it’s wrist wraps disappoint either.It has over 1200+ reviews on Amazon which is highest for any ankle sleeves.

But these doesn’t contain any weights. With the bundle online you get one pair of wrist straps and a pair of lifting strap. You can use these Weightlifting, Cross Training, Workout, Gym, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding.

The overall grip is great too.  It’s made up of heavy duty cotton which makes the wraps quite durable. The straps has neoprene padding which helps in comfort.

Final Verdict 

I think the product a great package for gym enthusiast. The lifting straps can help cross training exercises and powerlifting (specially deadlift), pull-ups, chin-ups, rows, shrugs etc. 

When I got these wrist wraps delivered I was amazed with the packaging of the product. Kudos to Nordic.

You also get a 1 year warranty with these wrist wraps. Overall a great buy if you require such a wrist wrap. These are great for someone who does a lot of power lifting. 

If you are a beginner, I'd recommend you to skip these sleeve weights. 

4. Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights

Are you looking for an inexpensive weighted sleeves ?

Then the Da Vinci Adjustable Wrist Weights is one you should check.Apart from colourful colours you get these sleeves at weights ranging from 1 lbs to 5lbs. Try to buy depending on your requirement as you can't adjust weights in the Da Vinci Ankle Weights.

Also, if you don’t know which one to pick for yourself then make sure to check with your gym trainer.The Soft cloth interior of the Da Vinci sleeves helps to absorbs moisture. It feels so good on the skin.

The adjustable velcro bands helps in fitting regardless your ankle shape or size. 

Final Verdict

The weighted sleeves is a great option for someone looking for a cheap weighted sleeve. The overall quality is at par with the rest of the sleeves. 

I totally recommend these pair of sleeves. You can check these sleeves on Amazon by clicking here.

5. SPRI Arm Weights  

Looking for just arm weights?

Then you'll love SPRI Arm Weights.

Though the rating on Amazon is not so great, I still think it's great pair of arm weights for beginners

You can adjust them from 1 lbs to 1.5 lbs. The thing I liked about these pairs is how slim it is. You can even wear these under clothes too (ya these are that slim). 

These are made of Nylon which makes these very light weight and breathable. Overall the design is very unique when you compare it to the rest of the competition. Also, in these you adjust weights (from 1 lbs to 1.5 lbs).

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner and looking for a slim arm sleeve then I would definitely recommend SPRI Ankle Weight. 

SPRI as company is good too, I don't see yourself getting disappointed in any way.

Check them out at Amazon

6. VIVE Ankle Weights

VIVE Ankle Weights is another great ankle weights you can pick up for yourself.

There are two variants available-

1.  2.5 pounds

2.  5 pounds

These ankle weight has five different pockets (each stores removable sand packets). The weighted sleeves have straps that adjust to accommodate wrists and ankles up to 13.5” in circumference.  So even if you are beginner you can start with less weighted and increase gradually. Hence you won't need to buy any other ankle weight of a different weight.  

These are one of the few weighted sleeves that are waterproof. The material used to build this Vive Ankle Weights are Soft Neoprene.

Final Verdict

Vive Ankle Weights might not be the best, but you should definitely check it out.

The price is very reasonable. 

7. Empower Ankle Weights

These Ankle Weights are little different from the rest as it’s only design for women. Empower is also very decent brand when it comes to fitness equipments for women. They also manufacture kettlebells, weighted vests & walking weights .

These comes in 3 variants -

1. 3lb Wrist Weight Set (1.5lb each)
2. 5lb Wrist Weight Set (2.5lb each)
3. 8lb Wrist Weight Set (4.0lb each)

You can easily use these to tone your arms & shoulders while walking, jogging or doing workout at the gym. This is because you end up burning more calories.

In our testing these were very comfortable. These are made of high quality & soft neoprene. The velcro closures on these provide a very secure and snug fit.

Final Verdict

If you are a woman & you are looking for an ankle weights then you can’t go wrong with the Empower Ankle Weights. These are affordable and quite durable too. 

8. Fitnessery Ankle Weights


Are you aiming for a toned physique, if yes then Fitnessary ankle weights can be the best fit for your workout schedule. This can be coupled easily with your daily exercise. The weights offers a very firm grip to the user. They are equally good for ankles and wrists for the body.

Allowed for both men and women, are available in five variants, i.e. 1lb, 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, and 5lb. These extra long weights are sold with straps and velcro to ensure that they stay at their position while running and weight training and doesn't loosen during exercise.

Also, they come with a lifetime refund and replacement guarantee. The beginners can start with 1LB, to get used to and develop the stamina for weighted workout sessions. Because these bands are made up of anti-chafing neoprene fabric, they can be adjusted to various sizes of ankles and wrists.

These are quite durable because they come with double stitching technology which is used throughout the product.

Final Verdict

The best part about Fitnessery Ankle weights are that they quite durable and they come in various sizes & variants. The product also comes with a mesh bag which also contain an ebook listing 100 exercises to make your body toned. It's a great ankle weight and can serve you well by adding resistance to your exercises.

9. Gymenist Wrist Weights

The Gymenist weights are made for all age groups and is almost perfect for fitness, training exercises, outdoor sports, boxing, cardio, etc. These are available in three color variants.  The Gymenist Weights can fit any forearm size as they are quite adjustable.

The best part of these weights is that it contains a hole which helps in making the weights stay where they are, unlike other wrist weights. The hole makes sure that your thumb can put enough pressure and also help in lifting of high-weight objects. Thumbhole assures that the weights will never slip off from your hands. Using these regularly during workout sessions will help strengthen your wrists and shoulders. 

Having an extra weight tied up in your wrists can help you improve your overall performance. As per your requirement you can pick different sizes and weights . You can easily clean them using a home dryer. In my period of usage there was no leakage of sand or any durability issue during rigorous workout sessions. 

Final Verdict

If you are looking to strengthen your punching skills, then this wrist weights ican be your perfect choice. The Gymenist weights are a great option for both beginners and the experienced. You'll love these sleeve weights. 

10. A2ZCARE Ankle Weight/Wrist Weight Set

These weights works best for both ankle and wrists. The A2ZCare Ankle Weights allows the users to challenge themselves in losing weight with their ankle/wrist weights. The ankle weights are filled with mixed sand  which are perfect in absorbing the sweat. But just keep in mind they are not water-resistant, so you can't wear them in swimming pools.

The ankle weights are wrapped with the elastic material which makes them quite soft. This also  gives the user a comfortable experience even when wearing them for long hours.

They are available in various colours and weights. Also they provide 30 days guarantee card so you can always demand your money back incase it doesn't suits your needs. The weights are made in such a way that it will fit most people. These are incredibly powerful for anyone looking to step up their fitness game.

Final Verdict

The A2ZCARE ankle/wrist weights does not only allow you to burn your fat improve your overall physique. I feel it's a perfect pick for somebody who is a beginner and looking for an affordable wrist weights. 

11. HEALTHYMODELLIFE Ankle Weights Set by Healthy Model Life

These weights are specifically made for women by women. The Healthy Life Model wrist weights are endorsed by public figures & are great to go for. These weights are admired by many top gyms, also the weights are one of the best in giving useful results in a short period. 

They have double stitching and an extra padding, which makes them are super durable & comfortable for long workout sessions. The HealthyLifeModel weights offer enough resistance at the same time being quite affordable for the users . You can use them for jogging, brisk walking or mild exercises at home or gym.

They allow one year refund and replacement warranty with these weights. The firm gripping thing prevents the cuffs to slip while working out. Also they have extra strong velcro straps attached to them to provide a secure and tight fit during regular exercise sessions. You can also use these weights for toning up both the body parts.

Final Verdict

The HealthyLifeModel ankle weights are one of the best wrist weights for women. They are quite comfortable & durable. If you are a women and looking for a wrist weight , I think you won't go wrong these weights. 

What to look at before buying weighted sleeves?

Now that you’ve made up your mind about getting a weighted sleeve, let’s look at what you need to consider before buying one. Since there’s so many options online, it’s normal for you to get confused. This is the reason, we’ve listed few factors below -

Quality of the material

The quality of the weighted sleeve is very important. Since you’ll be wearing this on your body for a considerable time, the material can react with your skin to cause rashes. This is even more important if you have a sensitive skin.

Few things to keep in mind are :

  • Ensure that the material is such that it prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • If you’re planning to wear for longer periods you should ensure that the material is breathable.
  • The weighted sleeve needs to be thin if you’re considering wearing inside weighted clothes.

Fitting of the sleeve

Choosing the right fit is very important. Ideally you don’t want your weighted sleeve to be either too tight (might cause rashes) or loose (you lose the impact). In a few cases, a wrong fit can cause injuries too.

Hence, it’s important that you look for a sleeve that’s both comfortable and offers a snug fit. If you’re confused regarding the size, it’s recommended to go to a store and try on these to find the right size. Once you know your size you can easily order your favourite weighted sleeve online. This will save from the struggles of returning a sleeve because of incorrect size.

I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right weighted sleeve for your training. Depending on your choice it can either be an asset for your training or ruin it. 


Hope you like our review of the different weighted sleeves. I think weighted sleeves can be a great addition to any workout. You might be cycling or running weighted sleeves works in each cases. 

For more fitness reviews and tips, please check

What are you favourite weighted sleeve ? Comment below. I'd love to know.

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