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Best Arm & Ankle Weighted Sleeves 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you know what is the most popular piece of weighted clothing currently?

It’s weighted arm sleeves. You can also wear these on your ankle too. So it’s multipurpose 😄

Before diving into the best-weighted sleeves, let’s see why do you need one in the first place. 


There are multiple reasons why should you can get a weighted sleeve for yourself -​​​​​​​

1 . You can use them to increase arm strength

2. You can also use them to increase arm speed for sports like Baseball, Boxing, and Cricket.

3. Increase Your Weight Lifting Resistance

4. Also helps you in preventing injuries (to shoulders and elbows)

So there are quite a lot of benefits to using weighted arm sleeves.

Here are few of the best weighted sleeves you can buy for yourself - 

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