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Best Arm & Ankle Weighted Sleeves 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you know what is the most popular piece of weighted clothing currently?

It’s weighted arm sleeves. You can also wear these on your ankle too. Yes, these are multipurpose ?

Before diving into the best-weighted sleeves, let’s see why do should you buy one in the first place. For starters these help in increasing your arm strength.


There are multiple reasons why should buy a sleeve weights for yourself -

1 . You can use them to increase arm strength

2. You can also use them to increase arm speed for sports like Baseball, Boxing, and Cricket

3. Using these you can increase Your Weight Lifting Resistance

4. These also helps in preventing injuries (to shoulders and elbows)

So clearly there are quite a lot of benefits of wearing weighted arm sleeves. 

Now, let's see few of the best weighted sleeves you can buy for yourself - 

NameAdjustabilityMaximum WeightPrice
Zensufu Wrist or Ankle Weights
Yes5 pounds Check Price
Reehut Durable Ankle/Wrist WeightsYes5 pounds Check Price
Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps  Yes0 pounds Check Price
Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle WeightsYes5 pounds Check Price
SPRI Arm WeightsYes1.5 pounds Check Price
VIVE Ankle WeightsYes2.5 pounds Check Price
Empower Ankle Weights Yes8 pounds (4 pounds each) Check Price

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Weighted Clothing: The Ultimate Guide [August 2021]

Let’s talk about weighted clothing today.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast you must have probably heard about weighted vests or weighted arm bands. These are different variations of weighted clothing.

Weighted Clothing is any piece of clothing that adds weight to various parts of the body. These are majorly used for resistance training. 

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Weighted Blankets – The Ultimate Buying Guide [August 2021]

Curious about weighted blankets ?

Then you have landed on the right post. Be it for a kid or an adult, every person can benefit from weighted blankets.

No, you need not have a disease to use weighted blankets. There are hundreds of other reason why weighted blanket can benefit you.

So before looking at the various weighted blankets for offer, let's see the usage and how can these blankets help you.

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8+ Best Arm Exercises for Men to try in 2021

Every man grows with a passion to have a muscular body. Getting an appreciation for the physical appearance, generates confidence among men and makes them more passionate towards their dreams. Physical strength is a major factor for boosting up the psychological strength of a person.

For the beginners, it is very important to get detailed information about all the workouts which help an individual to choose which workout is more beneficial for his body type. There are varied types of arm exercises which work for biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms etc. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise make sure to use a weighted sleeve

Here are the 8 most effective arm exercises that will boost your confidence and make you feel more strengthened and enthusiastic.

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