8+ Best Arm Exercises for Men to try in 2021

Every man grows with a passion to have a muscular body. Getting an appreciation for the physical appearance, generates confidence among men and makes them more passionate towards their dreams. Physical strength is a major factor for boosting up the psychological strength of a person.

For the beginners, it is very important to get detailed information about all the workouts which help an individual to choose which workout is more beneficial for his body type. There are varied types of arm exercises which work for biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms etc. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise make sure to use a weighted sleeve

Here are the 8 most effective arm exercises that will boost your confidence and make you feel more strengthened and enthusiastic.


1. Hammer Curls 

Workout based on curling of the grip, by holding the dumbbell in the hands from bottom of the rep to top of the rep is known to be hammer curls. While performing this workout, our palms should be facing us.

Some people think that hammer curls and bicep curls is one or the same thing but they both have different characteristics. Bicep curls work for the biceps whereas hammer curls work for biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders.

So, this is the exercise for you if you are looking for not only perfect biceps but for the overall arm evenness.

2. Suspension Trainer Tricep Extension

An individual needs to pull the suspension trainer towards himself by keeping his body and back straight. It seems that an individual is performing pushups in standing position.

All you have to do is, lose your body, and pull your elbows slowly until the suspension trainer is back to its place. As explained in name, this exercise is helpful for the formation and the maintenance of triceps.

3. Diamond Pushups

This exercise can easily be performed with the use of mat. You just need to do is face the mat , stretch your hands and legs, be in push up position, and make your forefingers and thumbs touch each other in  the form of diamond and then begin with the push ups by keeping your back straight.

This workout is mostly preferred by the military trainers as it is known to be the best warm up and arm strengthening workout.

4. Overhead Press 

For performing this exercise, hold on to the bar and get it towards the ceiling. Hold it there for 2-3 seconds and then get it back. Repeat this process in five sets. It will help you in the strengthening of shoulders. Do keep your backbone straight while performing this workout.

Overhead press is considered as the one of the most efficient exercise for the muscle development and healthy shoulders.

5. Chinup

This is a type of pull up exercise preferred by people to strengthen biceps and to make shoulders broader. This exercise is performed by pulling oneself upward by holding the bar which is set above the shoulders. Pull your body upward until your chin cross the bar. And then come downwards in a controlled motion with straight backbone.

It can be said that this workout is similar to pull-ups but chin up is performed by facing your arms inward whereas in pull ups the arms should not face your body.

6. Close Grip Pushups

Close grip pushups is the must to do exercise in our daily workout. It helps in having toned and strengthened triceps. Strength training is of no use if you are not having close grip pushups in your workout list.

After having warm up of 5 to 10 minutes, you just need to do is position your hands beneath your shoulders and be on your hands and legs. With straight back, tighten your abdominal area, bend your elbows, lower your chest down and count five and pull yourself with a controlled speed. Repeat the same for about 10 times.

It works efficiently for your triceps, shoulders and chest. That means this workout is a bumper pack for your arms.

7. Reverse Curls 

This exercise is performed by holding a dumbbell or a weight ball with your palms facing down. Keeping your back and body straight, curl the dumbbell and contract your biceps while exhaling. Repeat the same according to your workout sessions.

It works for the overall strengthening of arms including biceps, triceps, forearms and the shoulders. It increases the grip strength to perform heavy weight workouts perfectly and easily.

8. Planks

By getting on your all fours, keep your elbows beneath your shoulders, with your back straight and keep your body still at this position for certain number of seconds.

Planks help in the improvement and development of strength of the arms. It increases the grip consistency. It helps in burning maximum number of calories and in increasing the metabolism level too.


In today’s unhealthy environment, every man is passionate towards having healthy physical and mental strength. If we talk about the physical workout, arms workout is the most common and most preferred workout.

Arm workout is responsible in overall strength development of the body. The above explained arm workout are the must to do workouts as these workouts targets triceps, biceps, forearms and your shoulders. They increase flexibility of the body, nourish the sportsman and keeps the body healthy.

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